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Musings on the Nature of Friendship and Other Sadnesses

Perhaps you wonder that I don't seek you out
but we were never equal in this. I was the needier
and by that I mean you meant more to me.

Because you know this I cannot call you and
emabarrass us both: I will not do that -
but when I look in the mirror, my lips

appear to be moving in prayer. Now's a
sad time as I release you though I never had you.
There's a heaviness in the air -

the smell of death - and these rooms of mine
reek of it. Come in. Sit down.
Let me give you my bood to drink,

my flesh to consume. It's only fitting:
you don;t need to think twice or
disguise your appetite.

Outside it grows cold and the
sunlight I shun appears thin and sickly,
malnutritioned. Never have I felt more

kinship with it. It should forget to come out, too
hiding itself behind whatever clouds are at hand
so we don;t have to feel sorry for it,

express our concern. There's a cat
winding around my feet and another's perched
on the windowsill (there behind the blinds)...

You can hardly see her. She's
watching for winter or for you to leave
again like you always do.

Female Only #6
ISSN: 1044-7490 (c) September, 1999
All rights remain with their creators

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